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My Top 5 Favourite Christmas Horror Films

Hello my Fiends, it's that time of year again where we open presents ( some we don't want) & stuff ourselves with Food and Booze, then we feel ill after eating too much (as usual). so here is a list of my 5 favourite Christmas Horror Films. let me know what YOUR Top 5 is.

1.)  Black Christmas (1974)

2.)  Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

3.) Jack Frost (1996)

4.)  Saint ( AKA Sint) (2010)

5.)  Gremlins (1984)

Sunday, 18 September 2011

DVD Review: Poultrygeist Night Of the Chicken Dead EGG-sclusive 3 Disc DVD

This is my review of one of my favourite Troma Movies.....Poultrygeist : Night of the Chicken Dead, i hope you like it.

When a fast food restaurant is built on top of an ancient Native American burial Ground, the displaced spirits of the Native American's  unite with the ghosts of the Dead Chickens transforming them in  Indian Chicken Zombies. Now it's up to a Idiotic Counter boy , his lesbian  ex-girlfriend & a Burqa-wearing fry cook to the indian chicken Zombie menace, ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Poultrygeist is an EXACT Shot-By-Shot  Remake of  Oliver Stone's Slapstick Gore Movie  "Platoon" .

Poultrygeist was Written & Directed by  Troma President Lloyd Kaufman

It is a mixture of Social Satire, Extreme Gore, Projectile Vomiting , Explosive Diarrhea, lesbianism & quite a number of Catchy musical numbers.

Poultrygeist is Arguably their best movie in years.

Special Features include:

"Poultry in Motion"   Feature Length Behind-the-Scenes Cluck-u-mentary.

Att-hen-tion getting commentary by Lloyd Kaufman and Gabe Friedman

Alternate "Happy Ending" with Ron Jeremy

"Truth is Stranger Than Chicken" Film Making Lessons

Deleted Scenes, Music Videos, Trailers, Thighs the limit!!!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Interview With a Scream Queen: Cyndi Crotts

1.) How did you get into acting?

As a kid I had always cut up all the time with my friends and family. Trying to make people laugh and just pulling things on people. Mainly my parents and their friends would just laugh so hard at me and the things I would say and do. My parents used to always say "Why are we working ourselves to death when we have a movie star in the making? we need  to take her to Hollywood" ....LOL. Around the age of  11-12yrs Old, is when the acting bug hit me. From  there I took a few classes to learn  about auditions and what i needed to know in order to go out on auditions.

2.) Did you always want to be an actress?

Pretty Much. I started out in the modeling field and then quickly jumped into the acting field. I didn't really  get serious about it much until  i reached my early 20's. From there I took a couple of acting classes to brush up on things and to get back into the to speak. From  there I stuck with the acting and have become more involved  in other aspects of the business as well.

3.) Can you remember the first time you became aware of/exposed to the Horror Genre?

I would have to say it happened when i was a kid around 11 years old. My Father was the one who first got me into the horror genre, From there i kept up with it through the years and when I got into the acting business, I decided I wanted to be in that field. It's such a fun side of the business to be in. Every Horror icon out there is loved by all ages. Funny how we praise the Boogie man...LOL.

4.) What were some of the first Horror Movies you remember seeing?

Oh my! there are so many, but to name a few,  Mother's Day ( 1980 original) , The Children ( 1980 original) , then comes: Phantasm, The Exorcist, Cujo, The Evil & Terror Train.

5.) Are there any movies you like from other genres?

Yes,  I also really enjoy comedies & Action Movies. I have no idea where to start, but here are a few.....Zombieland, The Hangover, The Road Warrior, 48 Hours, I'm a big fan of James Bond movies as well, I also love  Airplane, Caddyshack, History of the world : Part 1, The Wedding Planner, The Wedding Crashers, S.W.A.T, Die Hard, Kill Bill : Vol 1 & 2, Pulp Fiction, Desperado, Walking Tall & Under Seige.

6.) What would be your Dream Role?

I don't have an actual dream role so to speak but it would be an honor if I got cast in a film by any or all of these directors....Adam Green, Quentin Tarantino, Eli Roth & Robert Rodriguez. I love all their style of  films and they all have action, blood, gore and even some comedy/humor in them, so basically that's what everyone could want in a film. it would be a dream come true if i was able to work with them someday on one of their films.

7.) What Projects are you working on at the minute, that you can talk about?

I just recently finished up on a short film called  B.F.F Directed by  Chris Greene of Detour Entertainment.
I had such a great time on this film working with everyone. What a real pleasure it was to work with Chris and his crew.

8.) Who would you most like to work with ( in the future)?

Adam Green, Quentin Tarantino, Eli Roth, & Robert Rodriguez. I love all their style of films.

9.) Is there anything you would like to plug?

I am working on a few projects for 2012......There is my 2012 Pin Up Scream Queen Calender, 2 web shows and my very first feature film "Hells Little Angels" which I wrote. My company: Traveling Brat Productions,  is behind  all of these projects and is currently putting them all together. All these projects are very time consuming  but will be well worth it. I'm so looking forward  to showing off  my new projects in 2012.

Final Question

10.) Where can people find out more about you? ( Social Networking Sites, etc)

I have many sites for people to go to in order to find out about me and the projects i'm involved in.....

Official Cyndi Crotts Website:

Comic Book Divas Model Cyndi Crotts:

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Dead Hooker In A Trunk - DVD Review

Dead Hooker in a Trunk  is  The Debut Film by Canadian Filmmaking Twins Jen & Sylvia Soska.

*Caution this Review may Contain Spoilers

Set in Vancouver, The movie tells the story of four friends who set out on an errand and end up in a fight
for their lives when they discover the body of a dead hooker left in their Trunk.

Lead by a sexy, impulsive Badass ( played by Sylvia Soska)  her distant Geek twin sister ( played by Jen Soska) The Bible-Thumping Goodie Two Shoes Friend ( played By CJ Wallis) and their Chaotic, Rock Star Junkie Pal ( played by Rikki Gagne), the group has to put aside their Differncesin order to dispose of the body before they are next.

During the course of the Movie, they face off against persistant police, A sleazy motel manager,Chainsaw wielding Triads, and a brutal Serial Killer. While all this is going on, they are being chased by a mysterious Cowboy pimp who wants to claim the corpse for himself.

Will they uncover the Truth about the body & be able to stand up to their Demons? 

you'll have to watch the movie in order to find out.

I really enjoyed this movie, it is a fun quirky movie filled  with gun fights, extreme Violence, Blood, guts, gore.... and  goats!  ( yes, i said Goats!)  there are a few holes in the movie BUT these ladies make it work to their advantage with the Quirkiness of the film.

this is a really fun, entertaining movie and i cannot wait to see what these Twisted Twins have instore  for us fans next.

Special Features include: TWO Feature length Commentaries, Three Trailers, Behind the scenes featurette, Deleted Scenes & A discussion with Carlos Gallardo on Independent Film.

If you want more info on the Sisters, their Debut movie & their upcoming Projects Checkout the links below.

also follow them on twitter

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Chainsaw Sally Show Season 1 - DVD Review

The Chainsaw Sally show was Written and Directed by  the Evil Genius that is JimmyO Burril and stars  his  lovely and Talented wife April Monique Burril as Sally. The executive Producer was none other than The Godfather Of Gore  Herschell  Gordon Lewis.

Sally is a Librarian by day & Chainsaw-Wielding Maniac  anytime of the Day or Night, especially if you  upset her Morale,ethics , or her friends.

The Chainsaw Sally show  is  a spin off of the  Chainsaw Sally Movie , but you don't need  to have seen the movie in order to enjoy the Show. It is  a VERY entertaining show, there are 11 Fucked Up Episodes in total,  ( as well as a Groundhog Day Special) as well as lots of Gore, Gags , Hapless Victims & lots of cameo's. The show is well written & acted by the entire cast & crew. Azman Toy  takes over the role of  Sally's Brother "Ruby"  from Alec Joseph ( who played Ruby in the Chainsaw Sally  movie) also, the character of Busy Bee is now played  by Nicolette le Faye ( originally played by Suzi Lorraine).

From The original Movie to the Show, it's evident that JimmyO  has grown as a director, and April as an actress. The entire  Cast and Crew have done an amazing job, i  urge pick this dvd up NOW.  I for one Can hardly wait for season 2.

The show was released on September 28th 2010 & was  picked up by Troma Entertainment  and released on 2 disc DVD  earlier this year.


Disc 1 :

Audio Commentaries  for  episodes 1-4

Laughter  Tracks  for episodes  1-6

Two behind-the-scenes Featurettes:
  "21 Weekends in Porterville"
  "Anatomy of a Kill"

A Sexy Slideshow

Season Two sneek peek

Theme Song  Music Video

Introduction by Troma President Lloyd Kaufman

1 Easter Egg

Disc 2:

 Audio Commentaries for episodes 7, 9 & the bonus "Groundhog Day" Episode

 Laughter Tracks for episodes 7- 10  

Tromatic Extras including:  Troma T & A ,  4 Troma Trailers & Credits

Episode 11 has NO Audio Commentary or Laughter Track

So, enclosing.... i ask you dear reader, is this Dvd  worth purchasing?  i say to you.... HELL YEAH!!

If you DON'T buy the DVD , then you are a Total  "FUCK MONKEY!!"  (Joke!)

For more info checkout the OFFICIAL Website  @

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

update for horror fans

Hello Boils & Ghouls, Sorry i haven't updated my blog since January, been busy with medical issues & shit  ( won't happen again). Please keep an eye out for my upcoming DVD Reviews of The Chainsaw Sally Show Season 1 DVD &  Dead Hooker in a Trunk DVD ( when i've bought & watched it).  

Monday, 17 January 2011


1.  How old were you when your first became a fan of Horror?

Bryn: Gosh, i really don't recall. I have always been a horror fan since i was a child. My first horror movie i recall seeing was Brain Damage directed by Frank Henenlotter. I don't recall much about the movie but i remeber that there was a worm  attached to a guy called Brian and it rolled from there.
In fact Frank Henenlotter sent me a signed copy of the dvd last year but i still haven't gotten around to re-watching it. I do find that revisiting movies you are fond of as a child are always a let down.

But going back to your question, I've always been attracted  to the horror industry I found it an escapism
as i came from a very violent childhood my father beat my mother up and I witnessed some tragic scenes
so i just feel a relief  when watching horror  it's the buzz of entertaiment. I'm  sure there is some underlying mental issue but it hasn't done me any harm and I have not committed a murder yet, lol. Best way to
sum  my childhood up is the world  around me was kind of grim. I had to learn to pretend  in order to - I don't know- block the grimness. The whole world seemed  sort of closed to me . . .  [I felt]  on the outside of everything, and all i could do was to dream up any kind of pretend game and I escaped into the world of horror. Legend  was one of my favorite  movies, i wish  life was as magical  as that.

2. Can u remember the first Horror Movie u ever saw?

Bryn:  I really don't recall my first ever horror movie , i DO recall telling fibs to my auntie Sandra and  told her my mother allowed me to watch horror movies, so she rented  a Nightmare on Elm Street.  On that same night, my mum returned home from work, she worked at a school for  handicapped children, to find me rather Traumatized  and I ended up convincing her I had an appendicitis, so I didn't have to go to bed.
Mum wasn't very happy that she had   to spend the night in A&E  with me. The Birds also scared me, that really is an amazing movie, well shot and i think it's one of the best Creature Features to date.

But to answer your question i really don't recall what my first horror movie was.

3. What made you want to start GZ Magazine?

Bryn: I love horror and I also love sex  and there is nothing on the market that blends BOTH sex and horror and to be brutally honest I started work at a local  newspaper and saw how easy it was. GZ Magazine has definitely gone  from strength to strength  and we are one of  the only magazines that has increased it's sales  throughout the credit crunch which is a huge achievement, so I thank the readers so much..Must be doing something right, or at least me and my Team are. One thing people bitch slap me about  is how sexed up the publication is but Sex is a part of nature.I go along with nature. The human body is a beautiful thing, why not show it off?

4.  Who would be your Dream Cover Star or Dream Interviewee?

Bryn: Hell, where do i start?  Traci Lords is a MUST!!  as i find her such a complex character. She is amazing, she's  pure sex appeal  and  i  read her autobiography and I share a lot in common with her which is amazing, I also admire how she went from  Porn Star to Mainstream actress.
  Melinda Clarke from Return of the Living Dead 3, I have tried many times but she's  brutally rejected me and stated quite clearly that she's DONE with Horror. she's so iconic.  To be honest,  I have really interviewed  everyone i have ever wanted to. I Know she's  not involved in the horror industry, but i would really like to interview Katie Price (Jordan)  and  also Hugh Hefner. I adore these two people, they really inspire me. They came from nothing and made a success of themselves, in fact I share a lot in common with Hef,  He started off  on his mothers dining room table, I did the same except it was in a converted chapel  my partner built and designed. He's a property developer and owns a security company  PLUS he is Company director of Gorezone aka GZ Magazine.

5. What are your Top 3 favourite Horror Movies of all time?

Bryn:  That's a difficult one I have loads of  favourite horror movies and it just depends what month and my mood. At the moment I love  Candyman  and Warlock The Armageddon. I'm so diverse when it comes to horror I become addicted. I must've watched Candyman  Daily for the last week.

I love The Wig ( a brutal Korean film)  which has many scenes that really disturbed me.  Oh gosh, I'm a  huge, huge fan of Friday The 13th  3D , i adore that movie. My all time favourite horror movie  has to be  Just Before Dawn, which is  the most underrated  horror movie of all time, which is a pity because it's so much better  than any slasher movie ever made, the final scenes are pretty shocking  and really left me gob smacked. I love Jodi O'Keefe's  Devil  in the Flesh 2, that's a cool  Thriller, really sexy and I also think Halloween 2 and 4 are the best in the Franchise.

I know i'll get butchered  for saying this but I love Howling IV!  I Know it's bad, but I  just think it's an amazing movie and the SFX are fantastic. Another one of my all time favourites is VAMP, that's the best vampire movie  ever made  besides Bram Stoker's Dracula and Fright Night which are also great vampire movies.

6. Are you a fan of any other movie genre  BESIDES Horror?

Bryn: Hell Yeah!  i adore Marilyn Monroe's movie Niagara , (it's one of the best movies of all time), Poison Ivy: The New Seduction, Just Friends, Hell the list is endless. I even loved  Dinosaurs  ( it was a show shown on Sundays before Bullseye) that was cool. I love Slums of Beverly Hills  ( an amazing coming of age movie)starring Heroin Addict Natasha Lyonne. I love the Original  BBC Version  of CS Lewis'  The Chronicles of Narnia, The Silver Chair is by far the best in the series. I wasn't impressed with the Movie adaptations,they just didn't capture the magic for me, unlike movies such as Labyrinth and  Legend ( starring Tom Cruise).
Being  such a fan of Natasha Lyonne,  i enjoyed  Her performance in the Camp film "But I'm a Cheerleader"
she's such a talented actress but the media puts such pressure on it's young stars, it's sad  that they find the need to escape from the pressures of the media by indulging in drink & drugs.

7. What do u think of Horror Remakes? Are they a good thing?

Bryn: I'm not sure what I think of remakes I  like to keep an open mind and  give them a chance, there HAS been some stinkers, but then again  i think u get that from any movie. Take for instance,  Friday The 13th  was rotten as was Night of the Demons, but  then of course there are those remakes which are pretty cool such as  Texas Chainsaw Massacre  and The Amityville Horror. Don't get me wrong, i didn't HATE Night of the Demon's Remake  but i wish they hadn't  attached  it to one of my favourite movies of all time, if they hadn't done that , then i would've liked the remake better, but because i put the Original on such a high pedestal, i found the remake a huge disappointment. As far as the Friday 13th remake is concerned, I was suffering from flu and  i went out  and  mixed a glass of wine with medication ( Bad Idea), I spent the whole evening with my head down the toilet, so i missed the movie, but what i saw of it i was less than impressed.

The Nightmare on Elm Street remake was by far the worst remake ever made and the people behind that film need shooting!

8. Who is your favourite Horror Director of all time?

Bryn:  I have so many, I love Richard Wenk, Howard Hawks, Otto Preminger, Joshua Logan, Roy Baker, Henry Hathaway, Jeff Lieberman, Steve Miner and Anthony Hickok. Gosh you put me on the spot here, there are so many directors i admire. I like Kevin S Tenny, He's really amazing, he created  my all time favourite  Franchise  Night of the Demons. I have such a collective taste in movies and directors so it's hard for me to be able to say who i really like.

9. What is your Highlight of 2010?

Bryn:  Gosh  my highlight of 2010 was Gorezone Magazine  (aka GZ Magazine)  increasing it's sales  month by month. I know i get bashed a lot by ignorant people who expect Horror to be  all about Guts and Gore, but what about the stars of the movies?  Vogue isn't  going to do a pictorial on them and they certainly won't make the cover of  Cosmopolitan, but i try to avoid reading  feedback online as it can be really hurtful. I literally put 24 hrs into the magazine Monday to Friday and all i seem to get is Narrow minded people critizing me because we aren't the norm.
For me there's already a Horror Hound, Rue Morgue, so why would i want to follow in their footsteps?  I want to create something totally different, I want to create a magazine that I am happy with.

 I have learnt two things: To ignore what people say about me and  that  as long  as my readers are happy, I'm Happy and while sales increase i Know i'm doing something right, so here's a middle finger to all the people that pre-judge me and my magazine. I have learnt a lot  about myself this past year, so that's been my Highlight, learning about myself  and taking no notice of  what bloggers have to say about me. I make the magazine for me and for my readers who are my extended family. I knew i belonged to the public and to the world, not because i was talented or a genius, but because I never belonged to anything or anyone else, so the magazine really makes me happy and the readers are my family and i thank them.

I read online apparently we have such a low female readership which is false. I'd like to say we have  72%  male Readership and 28%  female Demographic and not just that, I have some of my female readers on speed dial  and get their feedback on what they think of the mag. Jenny Bright is a huge supporter, so that's what i have learnt and while bloggers pick up on our female covers, they seem to forget we have had  Jesse Metcalfe, Johnny Depp and up and coming male covers including  Jamie Kennedy. But the Horror Market is DOMINATED by  Females, so it makes sense we have MORE female cover stars than male ones.

Oh well, Uneducated people just make themselves look stupid  as they don't  know what they are talking about and I'm happy for them to contact me and give me constructive criticism on how to make the magazine better, but they don't, All I get is " I Hate the Magazine".  How is THAT helping us as a publication?

My email for people with constructive criticism is and I always reply to ALL readers,  it may take me a while, but i DO get 1000's of  Horror  related emails, but PLEASE only emails with constructive Criticism. One thing i want to say is that many people have been unkind, mainly other publishers. One publication even forged fake documents to discredit us, sadly we are audited, so here is ANOTHER middle finger to them. Pity they can't just concentrate on their OWN magazine instead of getting jealous of GZ Magazine's success. If i say i want to grow as a publisher and editor, they look at me smugly. If i say i want to develop, to learn my craft, they laugh. Somehow they don't expect me to be serious about my work because of my age.

10. What do you have in store for Readers of GZ Magazine in 2011?

Bryn: Well, I'll Definitely be developing  the magazine more and really growing as a person and hopefully people will see me as an individual  person  and not compare me tp people like Anna Nicole Smith as i have been in the past. (Bloggers love me) they have a habit of looking at me as if  i am some kind of mirror instead of a person. They don't see ME, they only see their own lewd thoughts, then they White-Masked  themselves  by calling ME the lewd one.

So hopefully this year I can change peoples'  perceptions of my public image. The honest truth is I've never fooled anyone, i've let people  fool themselves. They don't  bother to find out  who and what I am. Instead they invent a character for me, i won't argue with them. They are obviously hating somebody I am not. That is my goal, To try and change peoples preconceptions of me and  hopefully  take over the world.

I also want to increase our 200,000+ worldwide circulation and make my supporters and family Happy and proud of me.

Thank u Soooooooo much for your interview, it means a lot and thank u for your support on twitter.

Please can you print the following websites as I feel  that people need to realize that there are a lot of people  who suffer from these diseases as well  as domestic violence & alcohol abuse ( which I have witnessed as a child). So please, can you post  these links as they are close to my heart?

Huge thank you to all the readers and  support you have given me,  and  if it wasn't  for YOU the readers, I'd not be doing a job I adore and love. Thank You! ( i really mean it).


Thank  U