Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Chainsaw Sally Show Season 1 - DVD Review

The Chainsaw Sally show was Written and Directed by  the Evil Genius that is JimmyO Burril and stars  his  lovely and Talented wife April Monique Burril as Sally. The executive Producer was none other than The Godfather Of Gore  Herschell  Gordon Lewis.

Sally is a Librarian by day & Chainsaw-Wielding Maniac  anytime of the Day or Night, especially if you  upset her Morale,ethics , or her friends.

The Chainsaw Sally show  is  a spin off of the  Chainsaw Sally Movie , but you don't need  to have seen the movie in order to enjoy the Show. It is  a VERY entertaining show, there are 11 Fucked Up Episodes in total,  ( as well as a Groundhog Day Special) as well as lots of Gore, Gags , Hapless Victims & lots of cameo's. The show is well written & acted by the entire cast & crew. Azman Toy  takes over the role of  Sally's Brother "Ruby"  from Alec Joseph ( who played Ruby in the Chainsaw Sally  movie) also, the character of Busy Bee is now played  by Nicolette le Faye ( originally played by Suzi Lorraine).

From The original Movie to the Show, it's evident that JimmyO  has grown as a director, and April as an actress. The entire  Cast and Crew have done an amazing job, i  urge pick this dvd up NOW.  I for one Can hardly wait for season 2.

The show was released on September 28th 2010 & was  picked up by Troma Entertainment  and released on 2 disc DVD  earlier this year.


Disc 1 :

Audio Commentaries  for  episodes 1-4

Laughter  Tracks  for episodes  1-6

Two behind-the-scenes Featurettes:
  "21 Weekends in Porterville"
  "Anatomy of a Kill"

A Sexy Slideshow

Season Two sneek peek

Theme Song  Music Video

Introduction by Troma President Lloyd Kaufman

1 Easter Egg

Disc 2:

 Audio Commentaries for episodes 7, 9 & the bonus "Groundhog Day" Episode

 Laughter Tracks for episodes 7- 10  

Tromatic Extras including:  Troma T & A ,  4 Troma Trailers & Credits

Episode 11 has NO Audio Commentary or Laughter Track

So, enclosing.... i ask you dear reader, is this Dvd  worth purchasing?  i say to you.... HELL YEAH!!

If you DON'T buy the DVD , then you are a Total  "FUCK MONKEY!!"  (Joke!)

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  1. Haven't seen the movie but love the show. Heard its playing on the Troma channel this month. I'd still like to have the dvds tho

  2. I haven't seen the movie but I did some episodes of the show & I loved it! I'd love to get the DVDs & check them out full. :)