Saturday, 27 August 2011

Interview With a Scream Queen: Cyndi Crotts

1.) How did you get into acting?

As a kid I had always cut up all the time with my friends and family. Trying to make people laugh and just pulling things on people. Mainly my parents and their friends would just laugh so hard at me and the things I would say and do. My parents used to always say "Why are we working ourselves to death when we have a movie star in the making? we need  to take her to Hollywood" ....LOL. Around the age of  11-12yrs Old, is when the acting bug hit me. From  there I took a few classes to learn  about auditions and what i needed to know in order to go out on auditions.

2.) Did you always want to be an actress?

Pretty Much. I started out in the modeling field and then quickly jumped into the acting field. I didn't really  get serious about it much until  i reached my early 20's. From there I took a couple of acting classes to brush up on things and to get back into the to speak. From  there I stuck with the acting and have become more involved  in other aspects of the business as well.

3.) Can you remember the first time you became aware of/exposed to the Horror Genre?

I would have to say it happened when i was a kid around 11 years old. My Father was the one who first got me into the horror genre, From there i kept up with it through the years and when I got into the acting business, I decided I wanted to be in that field. It's such a fun side of the business to be in. Every Horror icon out there is loved by all ages. Funny how we praise the Boogie man...LOL.

4.) What were some of the first Horror Movies you remember seeing?

Oh my! there are so many, but to name a few,  Mother's Day ( 1980 original) , The Children ( 1980 original) , then comes: Phantasm, The Exorcist, Cujo, The Evil & Terror Train.

5.) Are there any movies you like from other genres?

Yes,  I also really enjoy comedies & Action Movies. I have no idea where to start, but here are a few.....Zombieland, The Hangover, The Road Warrior, 48 Hours, I'm a big fan of James Bond movies as well, I also love  Airplane, Caddyshack, History of the world : Part 1, The Wedding Planner, The Wedding Crashers, S.W.A.T, Die Hard, Kill Bill : Vol 1 & 2, Pulp Fiction, Desperado, Walking Tall & Under Seige.

6.) What would be your Dream Role?

I don't have an actual dream role so to speak but it would be an honor if I got cast in a film by any or all of these directors....Adam Green, Quentin Tarantino, Eli Roth & Robert Rodriguez. I love all their style of  films and they all have action, blood, gore and even some comedy/humor in them, so basically that's what everyone could want in a film. it would be a dream come true if i was able to work with them someday on one of their films.

7.) What Projects are you working on at the minute, that you can talk about?

I just recently finished up on a short film called  B.F.F Directed by  Chris Greene of Detour Entertainment.
I had such a great time on this film working with everyone. What a real pleasure it was to work with Chris and his crew.

8.) Who would you most like to work with ( in the future)?

Adam Green, Quentin Tarantino, Eli Roth, & Robert Rodriguez. I love all their style of films.

9.) Is there anything you would like to plug?

I am working on a few projects for 2012......There is my 2012 Pin Up Scream Queen Calender, 2 web shows and my very first feature film "Hells Little Angels" which I wrote. My company: Traveling Brat Productions,  is behind  all of these projects and is currently putting them all together. All these projects are very time consuming  but will be well worth it. I'm so looking forward  to showing off  my new projects in 2012.

Final Question

10.) Where can people find out more about you? ( Social Networking Sites, etc)

I have many sites for people to go to in order to find out about me and the projects i'm involved in.....

Official Cyndi Crotts Website:

Comic Book Divas Model Cyndi Crotts:

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Dead Hooker In A Trunk - DVD Review

Dead Hooker in a Trunk  is  The Debut Film by Canadian Filmmaking Twins Jen & Sylvia Soska.

*Caution this Review may Contain Spoilers

Set in Vancouver, The movie tells the story of four friends who set out on an errand and end up in a fight
for their lives when they discover the body of a dead hooker left in their Trunk.

Lead by a sexy, impulsive Badass ( played by Sylvia Soska)  her distant Geek twin sister ( played by Jen Soska) The Bible-Thumping Goodie Two Shoes Friend ( played By CJ Wallis) and their Chaotic, Rock Star Junkie Pal ( played by Rikki Gagne), the group has to put aside their Differncesin order to dispose of the body before they are next.

During the course of the Movie, they face off against persistant police, A sleazy motel manager,Chainsaw wielding Triads, and a brutal Serial Killer. While all this is going on, they are being chased by a mysterious Cowboy pimp who wants to claim the corpse for himself.

Will they uncover the Truth about the body & be able to stand up to their Demons? 

you'll have to watch the movie in order to find out.

I really enjoyed this movie, it is a fun quirky movie filled  with gun fights, extreme Violence, Blood, guts, gore.... and  goats!  ( yes, i said Goats!)  there are a few holes in the movie BUT these ladies make it work to their advantage with the Quirkiness of the film.

this is a really fun, entertaining movie and i cannot wait to see what these Twisted Twins have instore  for us fans next.

Special Features include: TWO Feature length Commentaries, Three Trailers, Behind the scenes featurette, Deleted Scenes & A discussion with Carlos Gallardo on Independent Film.

If you want more info on the Sisters, their Debut movie & their upcoming Projects Checkout the links below.

also follow them on twitter