Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Dawn of The Dead Event

On Saturday Night ( 5th April 2014)  i went to the Waterfront Hall in Belfast Northern Ireland (Main Auditorium) to See George A Romero's Classic Zombie Film "Dawn of the Dead" on the Big Screen as part of the Belfast Film Festival. Legendary Musician & Composer Claudio Simonetti was there with his latest incarnation of  his band Goblin, they performed the Live Score throughout the movie, then after the movie was over, they performed several title tracks from Dario Argento's movies including: Suspiria, Phenomena, Profondo Rosso & another one. the floor of the main auditorium was vibrating the whole time, it was THAT loud lol.

Here are pics of merchandise i bought on saturday night:

                                                        Official Goblin T-Shirt

                                              Goblin/Dawn of the Dead Poster

                                               Demons - Official Soundtrack CD

I had a great time on Saturday night and i will be keeping an eye out for any future Horror Events from the Belfast Film Festival.