Sunday, 18 September 2011

DVD Review: Poultrygeist Night Of the Chicken Dead EGG-sclusive 3 Disc DVD

This is my review of one of my favourite Troma Movies.....Poultrygeist : Night of the Chicken Dead, i hope you like it.

When a fast food restaurant is built on top of an ancient Native American burial Ground, the displaced spirits of the Native American's  unite with the ghosts of the Dead Chickens transforming them in  Indian Chicken Zombies. Now it's up to a Idiotic Counter boy , his lesbian  ex-girlfriend & a Burqa-wearing fry cook to the indian chicken Zombie menace, ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Poultrygeist is an EXACT Shot-By-Shot  Remake of  Oliver Stone's Slapstick Gore Movie  "Platoon" .

Poultrygeist was Written & Directed by  Troma President Lloyd Kaufman

It is a mixture of Social Satire, Extreme Gore, Projectile Vomiting , Explosive Diarrhea, lesbianism & quite a number of Catchy musical numbers.

Poultrygeist is Arguably their best movie in years.

Special Features include:

"Poultry in Motion"   Feature Length Behind-the-Scenes Cluck-u-mentary.

Att-hen-tion getting commentary by Lloyd Kaufman and Gabe Friedman

Alternate "Happy Ending" with Ron Jeremy

"Truth is Stranger Than Chicken" Film Making Lessons

Deleted Scenes, Music Videos, Trailers, Thighs the limit!!!

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. Troma has always been hit or miss with me. Many people like Terror Firmer and I couldn't stand it.

    Poultrygeist was like a perfect storm. It took all the Troma elements and made them work better than they ever have for me. The nudity and gore were magnificent, but it was the excellent song writing that really sealed the deal for me. I don't think they have done anything that has gelled as well as this movie has for some reason.

    The fourth Toxie movie was close though . . .