Saturday, 27 November 2010


Recently  I Conducted  an Interview with Alternative model and Future Scream Queen ARIA MORPHINE.

 Here is THAT Interview.



CHRIS: First question, How old were you  when you first became a fan of Horror?

ARIA: I was really young, i have always been a fan of the Horror Genre.

CHRIS: What was the First Horror Movie you ever saw?

ARIA: I think the First Horror movie i ever saw was  John Carpenter's Halloween.

CHRIS: Ok, Why do you want to be a Scream Queen?

ARIA: I want to be a Scream Queen because i love the Horror Genre  and  i think i Really Do have what it takes to become one.

CHRIS:  ok, Who are your Top 3 Favourite Scream Queens  of all time?

ARIA: My Top 3 favourite Scream Queens are:  Melissa Bacelar, Devanny Pinn, and Elske McCain

CHRIS  What  do you get from  Horror you DON'T get from any other Movie genre?

ARIA:  I get the very quick  adrenaline Rush. Some people say that Action Movies give them that, but to me, Horror  Movies give  me that.

CHRIS: Are you a fan of any other movie genre BESIDES Horror?

ARIA: No,  not really, I love Horror Movies but,  I DO like Action Movies.

CHRIS: If you were offered a Role in a Horror Movie and the Role required SOME Nudity  (i.e: a shower scene or whatever), would you be comfortable with that?  Or would you turn the Role Down?

ARIA: i would be comfortable with that, i wouldn't turn the Role down.

CHRIS:  ok, What are your  Top 3 Favourite Horror Movies of all time?

ARIA: Halloween, Doomsday  and Freddy Vs Jason

CHRIS: What do you think of Horror Remakes? Are they a Good thing?

ARIA: I think SOME Horror movie remakes are good. i can see why someone would want to Remake a Horror Movie, i loved the Remake of Halloween 2.

CHRIS:  OK, Final question,  Who is your Favourite Horror Director of all time?

ARIA: I  would have to say Rob Zombie, He is AWESOME!!   as a Director and Singer.

CHRIS: OK! Aria  thank you for your time.

ARIA: Thank you.

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