Saturday, 9 October 2010


SO!  I just got to see a short Horror film called "CANDY". 

What did i think of it?  keep reading and  u will find out.

What's it about? who's in it? who made it? i'm about to tell u. 

*synopsis may contain spoilers*

"CANDY"  is set on Halloween and stars Sage Hall  as Candy ( a possessive & obsessed mother who is more than meets the eye) and her son Marcus ( a complete loser who's never had a GF) who likes to help his mother make cakes. but also  HATES his mother.  One day Marcus  throws a party , his mother Candy makes too much food and thinks SHE has been invited to the party, but she hasn't (SORRY MOM! LOL) . The Door bell rings and Candy opens the door and  some  Trick or Treaters show up, a few minutes later Marcus's Guest : Jenny (played by Jenny Beres) shows up,  Candy HATES her & vice Versa  but then she  ends up showing Jenny Embarrassing photos of her son  and the two laugh over the pics for a minute or two,  an argument starts between Jenny  &  Candy , then Jenny gets attacked .

in the movie I got a hint of an incestious Relationship between Mother & Son as well as Cannibalism (but DON'T quote me on that!) 

The Original story is by Jesse Kozel (Marcus) who also created it. The script was written by Jenny Beres (jenny) &  it was  Directed by Sage Hall (Candy).

The music was VERY creepy and Atmospheric. The Original score was done by Abnormal.

*Final thought*

I thought It was  a well thought out film & the Cast were just A-MAZING . Sage Hall was  fantastic as Candy and Jesse Kozel was brilliant as Marcus  and  Jenny Beres did a Great Job  playing  Jenny.

IF you get a chance to see "Candy"   TAKE IT!!  because  I found it VERY entertaining

MARKS OUT OF 10 : I Give it 10

It's a MUST See.


  1. Loved the synop! Very funny. Sounds pretty good. Surprising how often incest crops up in horror! LOL

  2. This sounds great. Thanks for the review.