Thursday, 13 July 2017

Prevenge DVD Review

Prevenge follows Ruth, a pregnant woman on a killing spree. The child speaks to Ruth from the womb, coaching her to lure and ultimately kill her unsuspecting victims.
  Struggling with her conscience, loneliness, and a strange strain of prepartum madness, Ruth must ultimately choose between redemption and destruction at the moment of motherhood.

Prevenge stars Alice Lowe (Sightseers, Locke,Hot Fuzz) who also wrote and directed the film all the while dealing with her own real-life pregnancy.

I really enjoyed watching  Prevenge and I highly recommend it to everyone reading this review, it is available on DVD and Blu ray now.

Special features:
Audio commentary with Alice Lowe & crew
Behind the scenes 'Post-Natal Confessions'


  1. I've been wanting to see this. The preview looks awesome and thought it was cool that the actress was actually pregnant. �� Great review. ��