Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Vampire Killer Barbys - UK DVD Review

While on tour, Punk Band "Killer Barbys" drive through a lonely road in the countryside of Spain when their van breaks down. A creepy old man invites the group to spend the night in the castle of Countess Von Fledermaus and introduces himself as her secretary Arkan. Arkan tells the group he will contact the mechanic and he says the Countess loves young people. Three of the members accept the invitation to stay and the other two ( Billy and Sharon) stay in the van having Coitus. When the band meet the Countess they find out she is actually the Ancient artist Olga Luchan  and they find out how she has kept so young.

The movie was written & Directed By Jess Franco and stars  the Killer Barbies ( billed as Killer Barbys for legal reasons).

This is not the worst Jess Franco Movie but it's not the Best either. In the movie there is nudity, Blood, awful acting and a  flimsy plot.

There ARE better Jess Franco movies out there ( i assure you!) Go look for them, However, if you like Nudity,Blood,crap acting & flimsy plots then by all means watch this "Movie" ( i struggle to call it that!) but leave your brain at the door.

Special Features include: Behind the scenes featurette,Image Gallery & Jess Franco Filmography

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