Friday, 10 July 2015

The Possession of Michael King - UK Dvd Review

Michael King , doesn't believe in God or the Devil. When his wife dies suddenly he sets out to make a film about the existence of the supernatural, and makes himself the centre of the experiment.

After allowing demonologists,necromancers and practitioners of the occult to try their darkest rituals on him, he discovers that a horrifying demonic force has taken over his body. And it will not let him go!

The Possession of Michael King is a  2014 Horror film  Co-written ( and directed ) By  David Jung. The film stars Shane Johnston, Ella Anderson & Cara Pifko.

It IS a Demonic Possession Movie but it is a sinister take on the Subject, is it original? Probably not, but it is still an enjoyable scary movie ( It made me jump several times! which rarely happens!)  I really liked it. I recommend that you, get your mates round, get some booze ( or fizzy pop for you teetotallers) , Popcorn and check it out.

It's one of the best Horror movies i've seen this year, but make up your own mind.

I give this movie 5 Demons out of 5.

Unfortunately there are NO Special features on the DVD which sucks balls ( would've liked a Trailer at least).

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  1. Very cool review, I can't wait to see it on IFC.