Thursday, 5 June 2014

Amphibious - UK DVD Review

Setting out on a perilous expedition, Marine Biologist Skylar Shane and boat captain Jack Bowman head towards the unknown depths of the North Sumatra Sea in search of prehistoric life samples. Threat is rife as the pair encounter a dangerous band of smugglers accompanied by Tamal, a mysterious orphan child sold into servitude by an uncle rumoured to be a sorcerer and master of black magic.

Around Tamal, curious and treacherous events begin to occur while the clouds and ocean swirl with jeopardy as an ancient creature stirs deep in the water. Skylar and Jack must face the ferocity and terror of this unfathomable beast as one by one, smugglers disappear and harrowing screams pierce the waves.

the movie was co-written & directed by  Brian Yuzna (Society, Bride of Reanimator, The Dentist, etc) and stars Verdi Solaiman, Mohammad Aditya & Steven Baray,  Also starring Janna Fassaert as Skylar Shane and Michael Pare ( Streets of Fire)  as Jack Bowman.

I really enjoyed this Creature feature, lots of great gore & the acting was good.  it  was originally shot in 3D, but the UK dvd release is NOT in 3D.  It is billed as "The First Dutch 3D Movie!"

i recommend this movie if you like monster movies or Brian Yuzna film. obviously it's not his best movie, but it is still a fun movie to watch.

The only special feature on the UK dvd is the official Trailer, it would've been nice if an audio commentary had been included as well, but hey-ho, i'll take what i can get.