Wednesday, 16 October 2013

SMILEY - Blu Ray Review

After Discovering  an Urban Legend of a demented Serial Killer who has nothing but a carved 'smiley' on his face, a mentally fragile teen must decide whether she is going insane - or will be the next victim.

The movie is Co-written and Directed  by Michael J. Gallagher and stars  Caitlin Gerard, Melanie Papalia and Shane Dawson (amongst others).

'Smiley' has gotten a lot of negative reviews from other websites & reviewers , but i think they are a bit too Harsh. most Horror movies are not 100% Original, they borrow from other sources all the time.

I really enjoyed 'Smiley'  the film was good, the mask was creepy and i'm looking forward to the sequal (yes, there is gonna be one, according to one of the cast member's of the 1st film).

The above review is MY opinion ( which i'm entitled to), you may disagree with it and that's quite alright.

The movie is available now on both Blu Ray and DVD.

NO Special features at all.


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