Friday, 20 September 2013

Sawney: Flesh of Man - DVD Review

The Legend of Sawney Bean has been told in Scotland for over 400 years, their latest  descendant ( David Hayman), driving a Black Cab, stalking the town and cities. He drags his victims to his lair in the Hills, where they are tortured and cannibalized before feeding the remains to a chained beast in the cellar.

As the body count rises, police inspector Bill Munro ( Gavin Mitchell) under great pressure to catch the killers, gives priviliged  information to a crime journalist ( Samuel Feeney) who decides to investigate the heinous crimes on his own, with disastrous results...

The film , written by Richard W. Wood  and directed by Ricky Wood  Jnr is an entertaining independant Horror film, despite the Low budget, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

David Hayman's performance as Sawney Bean  is wonderful, as is Gavin Mitchell's  performance as the Police inspector.

I Highly recommend  this film to fans of Low Budget independant Horror Films, if u want to see a modern twist on The Sawney Bean story.

The running time is 116 mins approx.

Special Features:

Commentary Featuring Director Ricky Wood Jr and Frightfest Legend Ian Rattray.

Interview with David Hayman


Deleted Scenes

Frightfest "Turn Your Bloody Phone Off" Ident

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