Monday 17 July 2017


The Horror Community recently lost a family member in the shape of George A Romero "The Godfather of Zombie Cinema".  I was still in high school when I discovered George Romero's zombie films, there used to be a hardware store in the town where I live and at the main checkout area there was a bargin basket that sold horror movies on vhs, I purchased both Dawn of the Dead & Day of the Dead on VHS and those where the 1st movies that exposed me to George Romero, I also discovered other movies of his through reading both The Darkside Magazine and Fangoria.

Thank you George Romero for making such AWESOME movies, you will be sorely missed by all, you were & are a true pioneer and you have inspired and influenced MANY filmmakers ( both established and aspiring ones) myself included,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, we love you and we will miss you ALWAYS! #RIPGeorgeRomero

Save us some brains!

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